The Fourth Sustainability Report

The fourth edition of the Sustainability Report 2022 is part of the path pursued by the Giorgetti Group in the ESG sphere, the sustainability rating that expresses the environmental, social and corporate governance impact, representing a moment of dialogue and discussion with stakeholder, to design a conscious future.

The Plan reproduces the Group's commitment to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and incorporated in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
The concept of sustainability is understood in the widest possible perspective, from governance to environmental and social responsibility. 

Giorgetti in 2022 saw the recognition of a variety of awards, such as Entrepreneur 4.0 and Best Managed Companies for the fourth consecutive year. 
There were also many prizes for products: Best Quiet Space for the Shirley mirror by Carlo Colombo at the Wallpaper* Design Awards and Interior Design's Best of Year 2022 for the Borealis screen designed by Roberto Lazzeroni.

In terms of environmental sustainability, the Group is committed to actively reducing its impact through concrete actions that look to the future: among these is the #ReForest project, which has provided for the planting of native trees and shrubs in the Meda surroundings together with a production process that is attentive to environmental issues during every stage. 2022 saw the obtainment of FSCĀ® certification (License Code FSC-C175823), which guarantees the traceability of the wood used in the products and identifies its origin from responsibly managed forests according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.
Lastly, the constant investment in long-lasting products that are completely made in Italy. 

In terms of social responsibility, the Giorgetti Group invests its efforts in guaranteeing the wellbeing of its employees through a safe, fair and stimulating working environment and encourages the development of young talents, strengthening the relationship with the local community.

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